Behind every successful brand social media, blog and website platform is a good team of creative, hard working associates working together in technical and algorithms capacities. These is why people taking on new challenges and helping you interact with end users in the digital marketing place. These agencies are always looking at unique ways to acquire new clients and up selling them the boundaries of innovation. Not all the agencies have the best resources or creativity to cater to each and every industry In this short post, we’ll be covering some of the finest digital marketing agencies in Kerala. These remarkable social media agencies are result oriented and have demonstrably changed the way people view a brand. From website development and design projects to digital strategy, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, and even mobile app development, these agencies help you blow every note of your social media campaigns.
As of 2021, the trend in digital agencies (Kerala) across the board is one of the growth. Of these, marketing agencies are organized for the most revenue projection, pursued by design and shape, then technical, and lastly the creative digital marketing agencies. This makes sense. After all, as new online businesses spring up, and paste the most businesses move online, marketing agencies anticipate a greater opportunity of providing on the growing demand for their work.
Digital Marketing Agencies in Calicut


There are more than 2500 digital marketing agencies in Kerala (as per the records) that provide services such as digital marketing, SEO, web development, and PPC. Let’s quickly swoop in and see what the top drawer digital marketing agencies in the Kerala are famous for.
Influocial Technologies Pvt Ltd is a digital marketing agency in Calicut that provides top-notch SEO(search engine optimization), Google ads, and Social Media Marketing services. Their live client roster encompasses firms in Energy companies, Hospitality, and Health and beauty category. Influocial Technologies Pvt Ltd has 5 star ratings for their thorough expertise, being performance marketing, growth hacking and being fun to work with. Services:* Social Media Marketing * Google Ads* SEO( Search Engine Optimization )* Mobile App Development * Influocial Technologies is a digital marketing agency in Kerala that offers web design, digital strategy, and advertising services. It’s been growing in the industries of entertainment, travel, and business services. This digital agency has a 5-star rating from 3 reviews, where they’ve been appreciated for their imaginative and fresh design work, and for having a good team that delivers quality and timely work. Services:* PPC* Advertising* Digital Strategy* Web design This digital marketing agency in Kerala works on SEO, PPC, and digital strategies. They’re currently making their mark in the industries of business services, automotive, and retail. Impression has a 4.6-star rating from 5 reviews, where customers recommend them for open communication, timely delivery of projects, and quality of work. Services:
Viral Mafia is a digital agency in Kerala that provides excellent digital strategy, web development, and digital marketing services. They’re currently distinguishing themselves in the IT, media publications, and retail industry. Beyond has a 4.8-star rating out of 7 reviews at the time of writing this. They’re known for having a competent team, building strong client relationships, and implementing complex solutions with flair. Services:* Digital Strategy* Web Development* PPC* Digital marketing Momentum Design Lab is a digital marketing agency in Kerala that provides their services in UX/UI design and digital strategy. One of the highest-rated agencies so far, they’re currently spreading their wings across business services, financial services, and the healthcare and medical industry. They have a 4.8-star rating out of 52 reviews, where they’re appreciated for being professional, competent, and extremely friendly. Services:* UX/UI* Design* Digital Strategy


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Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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